About the Brainerd Community Food Pantry

Housed in the building of Brainerd United Methodist Church, The Brainerd Community Food Pantry is a community effort. We are different faith communities, organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals coming together with the goal of serving people who need help, especially as it pertains to food insecurity. We would love for you to be a part. If you are interested, please send an email to brainerdfoodpantry@gmail.com.

Advisory Board Members

Dorinne Bagley
Pantry Set Up Coordinator
Community Volunteer

Emily Barrow
Supply Coordinator Volunteer
MidTown Chamber Council/Chambliss Center for Children

April Berends
Grace Episcopal Church; Rector

Joan Bickerstaff
Inventory Coordinator
Community Volunteer

Rae Bond
Fundraising Team
Medical Society Chattanooga and Hamilton County

Tim Bracken
Supply Coordinator; Organizing Team
Pastor, Brainerd UMC

Rachel Carroll
Communications Coordinator
Chambliss Center for Children

Dianne Doyle
Volunteer Recruiter for Schools
Greater Tucker Baptist Church; community volunteer

Michael Dzik
Transportation Coordinator
Executive Director, Greater Jewish Federation of Chattanooga

Kerri Hunter
Volunteer Recruiter for Businesses
MidTown Chamber Council/MBI Companies; President elect- MidTown Chamber Council

Ella Kliger
Volunteer Recruiter for Neighborhood Association
Greenspaces; Shawnee Hills Neighborhood Association

Ned Giles
Brainerd UMC member

Ezra Harris
Distribution Day Coordinator
President Woodmore Neighborhood Assocl; Greater Tucker Baptist Church

Christi Haustein
Greater Jewish Federation of Chattanooga

Virginia Haynie
Distribution Day Coordinator
Greater Tucker Baptist Church; community volunteer

Lisa Revenig
Ridgeside Reside Resident/Community Volunteer

Chris Ricci
Max Trans Logistics

Jonathan Snyder
Community Volunteer

David Stanislawski
Grace Episcopal Church; Retired from Chattanooga State

Bess Steverson
Advisory Board Chairman
MidTown Chamber Council/McCallie School

Patsi Walker
Volunteer Coordinator
Community Volunteer; Ridgeside resident